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Connecting with you, your brand and/or product(s) isn't achieved through a logo alone.This is where I come in, helping you discover your Brand Voice & connecting you to your audience.

Hey, thanks for stopping by, my name is Nick. Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Starting my design journey in 2006, I've built a reputation for bringing a certain level of excellence to every project I'm involved with. Providing creative solutions like brand strategy and development, web design, social media direction, photography, film over the years for my clients is a task I don't take lightly.


I work with personal brands, speakers, influencers, small-large corporations and entrepreneurs to develop timeless brand design that engages, defines and connects with their target audiences.  It's a  personal mission of mine to deliver at a high level on every project that crosses my desk. This approach has helped build rapport with my clients, most of which have been with me for years for multiple projects.


I've heard some really shocking stories working with designers, some I've vowed never to have associated with my name.  Prior to every project I do a consult call and a brand audit.  This helps me better assess the nature of your brand/business while identifying your brand needs.  You may "want" a logo but what you really need is brand direction and a launch strategy.  


During the discovery process the goal is to gather as much information that we can as to not design "the obvious". Out of the box thinking has been a staple in my process. Not venturing too far, but also delivering unique logos, brand kits and imaging really sets you apart from the competition. 


Under-promise, over-deliver.  While I don't do much under-promising, I do try to over-deliver on all projects.  With eighteen years in the design and creative industry, I haven't run too many ads at all, all word of mouth, this thinking has lead me to work with some of the top Motivational Speakers, Gospel Artists, Influencers, Podcasters, Athletes, and more. 


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