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Connecting with you, your brand and/or product(s) isn't achieved through a logo alone.  Your brand is your voice, let us help you find it so you can communicate to your desired audience. 

Hello and thank you for your interest in working with me to take your brand to the NEXT LEVEL.

Over the years I've worked with hundreds of brands, from logos to web design, special events branding, banners, book covers, table cloths, billboards, vehicle wraps etc.  

I always encourage my clients not to view design service as an expense, but as an investment.  Your logo is the most important visual representation of your brand.  It serves as the foundation and focal point of anything on individual, brand or service platforms.  Our goal is to create timeless brand identities for our clients.   ​


Let Us Create Something Timeless For You

Logo, Apparel & Print Design for Jemal King

  • Logo design will require an initial 15-20 minute consultation via phone call or Zoom Meeting.   This call is meant to help me better understand your vision from your brand standpoint, identify your target audience and overall brand goals. We consider all aspects and implement them in our design strategy that best aides in delivering exactly what our clients need.  

  • The turnaround begins after receiving your form submission and payment.  Logo Design requires payment at the time of booking.  ​

  • Standard turnaround for logo design is 5-10 business days, could be sooner depending on our current workload. Rush is not an option for logo design. Simply put, logo design shouldn't be rushed. ​

  • 2-3 looks will be delivered for your logo design unless you have a specific design request  which will be determined on our initial call. After the initial looks are submitted, a round of tweaks and minor revisions are included but additional designs can be subject to an additional fee. Once a logo is chosen, all minor tweaks, color alterations etc. are made, immediately following, all logo files and a style guide will be prepped for delivery via Dropbox or Email. Additional deliverables are available depending on the project and package chosen.

  • Final files will be delivered in all formats, high resolution with a descriptive style guide + mockups if required (optional mockup package for additional fee). 

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