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Lumin8 Lights - App Control Restored!

Lumin8 Full Spectrum Light

If you're here, hopefully I did the SEO right, because I really made this post for anyone else like me who was VERY hopeful when they purchased these Lumin8 Lights, then extremely frustrated when the company ghosted us all. I saw them in 2020 on Kickstarter, purchased 2 of the 4ft lights. I've since tried to contact them on Instagram SEVERAL times to purchase an additional light mount that I would secure to my walls at my home studio to no avail, they opened the message, no response and shortly after removed the ability to comment. Most likely from the negative comments, fault units sent out etc. The comments from the Indiegogo are destroying the company, many of them demanding refunds.

I, like them, had hopes, there was so much potential and when they went dark, left with so much confusion in the end. Luckily, both of my units worked, used them on several shoots and they lasted hours on location on a single charge.

It wasn't until recently I was on the search myself and realized that the Tuya App works just like the native Lumin8 App so you can control yours again! You're welcome :)


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