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NEW ChatGPT App Comes In Every New Mac!

A few MAJOR announcements/updates were revealed yesterday at OpenAI's Spring Keynote, follow Apple's Spring Event last week where they revealed a new line of iPad devices. One week later, OpenAI announced that ChatGPT would be a new native desktop app launching on Mac!

The app is designed to make ChatGPT more easily accessible and perpetually available for users. A very brief preview of the app was shown during the presentation, but more details were shared. OpenAI also revealed GPT4o, a new model that provides GPT-4-level intelligence but is much faster and improves on its capabilities across text, voice, and vision!

Today, GPT-4o is much better than any existing model at understanding and discussing the images you share. For example, you can now take a picture of a menu in a different language and talk to GPT-4o to translate it, learn about the food's history and significance, and get recommendations. In the future, improvements will allow for more natural, real-time voice conversation and the ability to converse with ChatGPT via real-time video. For example, you could show ChatGPT a live sports game and ask it to explain the rules to you. We plan to launch a new Voice Mode with these new capabilities in an alpha in the coming weeks, with early access for Plus users as we roll out more broadly.




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